A greek-german tale about friendship and Europe

When speaking of the Föfe Camp in Pertouli (the so-called International Camp Greece) you can mostly note, that the faces of former participants and teamers are changing into a big smile and their heart-shaped, pinkish bright eyes are glimming. These emotions aren’t quite naturally, they are the result of voluntary work with maximum devotion. Read more about this greek-german tale in this article.


The outside perspective: a press review

Not only the participants and teamers of the past are impressed by the spirit of IC Greece. Various media representatives have been inspired, too. „The media coverage regarding IC Greece compared to other Föfe-Camps is really outstanding“, says Anna Häßlin when talking about the cooperation with Trekking Hellas. That’s why we don’t necessarily need to re-invent the wheel in this blog, but rather provide you with a brief press review.


  •  „Unterschiedliche Herkunft, doch im Herzen eins“ 💱 ‚different backgrounds, but united hearts‘, headlines for exampe the Griechenland Zeitung in July 2018
    Griechenland Zeitung, 4. Juli 2018

    Griechenland Zeitung, 4. Juli 2018

  • „Diese Freiburger organisieren Griechenland-Freizeiten, um Europa zu stärken“ 💱 ‚These guys from Freiburg organize camps in Greece to strengthen the idea of Europe‘, is the title of an interview with Anna Häßlin and Leon Hoppe with Fudder.  fudder_interviewHerunterladen

From Athens via Pertouli nonstop to the heart

In short: Once upon a time a Föfe-Teamer spent her ERASMUS exchange semester in Athens. There she got in touch with Trekking Hellas. Thus, a long-term dream of Föfe came true: a german-greek Youth Exchange. What’s so special about the IC Greece? This atmospheric video will tell you: 


The perspective from inside: a review of the IC Greece in Föfe’s anniversary year 2021

Thanks to a lower level of infections related to the covid19-pandemic and the general travel conditions the IC Greece could take place in Föfe’s anniversary year 2021. Laurie Assenbaum, the leader for the german group with 14 participants and 4 teamers, gives us a short review: 





How was your summer 2021 in Pertouli?


Laurie: We were really excited about getting the opportunity to realize the camp under these difficult conditions. With 17 participants and 3 teamers of our greek partnergroup Trekking Hellas we spent two beautiful weeks in Pertouli. The camps focus was on a variety of outdoor activities throughout the gorgeous greek mountain area. Next to rafting, climbing and hiking the cultural exchange was not neglected either. The teens and teamers made new friends and in the end even some tears were shed at the moment they had to say goodbye.


The team of IC Greece 2021: David, Silia, Antonis, Marvin, Simona, Romanos and Laurie.

The team of IC Greece 2021: David, Silia, Antonis, Marvin, Simona, Romanos and Laurie.

What’s so special about the partnership?

First: By collaborating with Trekking Hellas we can offer an intercultural exchange and unique activities to young people which are not comparable to other Föfe camps. Teenagers get the opportunity to learn a lot about language, culture and thinking out of the box. Second: The work with the greek team is always connected with friendship and an exceptional hospitality. The teamers get a different perspective of their own youth work and also discover many similarities. 


How does the preperation and the follow-up work of an International Camp look like?

The preparation and the follow-up work is different compared to the other Föfe camps because of the spatial distance. In order to be well prepared for the Camp, a part of the Team already met in June 2021 in Pertouli. After the summer the greek team came to Germany for a debrief session. Our team used the opportunity in late September 2021 to spend a day at the Europapark where we were not only were flashed by adrenalin but also discovered some funny mistakes in the „authentic“ decoration of Greece. It was definitely the perfect finish of a successful camp.


And you: Have you been to Greece yet? What’s your favorite memory?

Tell us about your all time favorite moment you remember from one of the camps in Greece on Instagram. Also you can leave questions or comments there or below this article.



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